Air conditioning repair for Carrum Downs Medical Centre

Blue Innovation received a call from the Carrum Downs Medical Centre regarding their air-conditioning. We were on site shortly after to diagnose the fault which was a mechanically ceased reversing valve (Diagnosing a reversing valve involves a process of elimination). We first tested to see the machine worked at the correct pressures, we then check… [Continue Reading]


Cool room repair and installation Frankston

This week Blue Innovation had the opportunity to solve a problem for their customer Nandos in Frankston. The cool room had a very old refrigeration system on it that needed to be upgraded due to the poor efficiency. The owner wanted a permanent solution so that they would have no problems in the future. We… [Continue Reading]


Servicing a local grocer and butcher in Dandenong

We had the opportunity to service a large meat distributor in Dandenong called Bamyan. Their machine weren’t in the greatest condition so we went in and serviced all their refrigeration. Increasing the efficiency, increasing the cooling provided and controlling the cooling cycle to stop the freezing that was occurring in one of their meat displays.


Blue Innovation funding charities

    We had the opportunity the be apart of a Charity called Small Help Big Hope founded by Agatha Beatrice. We were able to fund an educational program for a community in the Philippines. Kids that are un able to afford education were given a chance to be trained. Once they were trained they’re… [Continue Reading]


Our Vision Our Mission Our Promise

Mission statement : It is the mission of Blue Innovation to be known for providing our customer with the highest level of integrity when delivering quality temperature control services and solutions. Vision Statement : Blue Innovation is committed to creating a community of experienced temperature control technicians. Where a personal approach will never become obsolete.

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