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System Diagnostics & Replacing a Refrigeration Motor in Large Scale System for Coles

Client: Coles Supermarket

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At Blue Innovation, we understand that refrigeration is mission critical for businesses that deal with food. We are proud to be able to provide a high quality of service to businesses like Coles and ultimately help to put quality fresh food on your table!

The Initial Assessment

We recommend having it repaired as soon as possible. From the pictures sent through, it was caused by a sharp object that hit the coils. As you can see from the picture, there are quite a lot of marks that shouldn’t be there. The motor is in terrible condition due to running at such low pressures from the leak and the frequent short cycling (motor switching on and off). This would have caused the compressor nuts to loosen.

Steps that We Recommended to Put the Machine Back in Order:

  • Flush the system completely to clean it out
  • Replace the drier (filter)
  • Add a litre of POE Oil
  • Pressure test the machine over night to guarantee no leaks
  • Charge system with refrigerant

Job Completed

We diagnosed the system and found one motor had burnt out. We put together a very detailed quotation including pictures. We replaced the motor and completed/commissioned the system. We revisited the site to ensure the system was running correctly.

Replacing a Refrigeration




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All field technicians are highly qualified and have a diverse range of experience repairing and maintaining chillers, refrigeration and air conditioners.


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