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Stores, butchers, and malls all use cold rooms to store excess food and save money in the long run, but when your cold storage room no longer works as efficiently as it did in the past, you need the most reliable cool room repair Melbourne has to offer.

This is where we come in. At Blue Innovation, we specialise in any type of cooling units and can find out what’s wrong with your cold room in no time at all. Moreover, cold room repairs and maintenance are our speciality, and we will usually be capable of solving the problem the very same day you call us.

The Importance of Cold Room Repair

Rather than seeing cold room maintenance and repair as an insignificant matter, as is the case for many repair contractors, we always encourage our clients to contact our services, even when it comes to the tiniest issues that may require the expertise of a technician specialising in cold room repairs.

Without exaggerating, we can tell you that taking good care of your cool rooms can be an extremely important endeavour, and can often save you from a number of debilitating problems:

  • For stores and supermarkets, fruit, vegetable, dairy, and meat products can all be stored quite effectively in a good cold storage room. However, when the cooling system malfunctions, all those products will be at risk.
  • Medical supplies in hospitals and various clinics can also become damaged and unusable as a result of lowering temperatures in cold rooms.
  • Even if your cool room is able to cool stored products down to a certain temperature, the inability to reach the desired levels can end up spoiling certain types of products.
  • Worst of all, problems with your cold rooms can lead to loss of extra space, as well as significant expenses and efforts in trying to keep perfectly good food from going to waste.

Reliable Cool Room Repairs, Service and Maintenance

When it comes to cold room repairs, Melbourne doesn’t always offer the best possible support, and we fully realise our clients’ dependency on a swift, reliable service that can diagnose any problem and take care of it in a matter of just a couple of quick hours.

At Blue Innovation, our experienced technicians have the skill required to perform all tasks necessary with the best level of accuracy, in a very short amount of time. Regardless of the type of commercial cool room you own, as well as its size, or the specific structure of the cooling system, we can provide any repair and maintenance tasks necessary for getting it to work at its peak performance level once more.

Furthermore, our reliable cold room repair service is available 24/7, and our friendly support representatives will always be there to provide you with any information and advice you might need. You can even book a technician online and choose the date and time that works best for you from our online calendar.

At Blue Innovation, we don’t leave much room for error, and we always make sure that with the help of our efficient services for cool room repair, Melbourne business owners can carry on with their affairs, without any unwanted delays, inconveniences, or significant material losses.

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Qualified Technicians

All field technicians are highly qualified and have a diverse range of experience repairing and maintaining chillers, refrigeration and air conditioners.


Detailed Job Reports

Once a job is completed, we will run a number of tests and record the readings and results as proof and assurance that your equipment is working the way it should. This will also help troubleshoot potential problems that may arise in the future.


Services Maintenance Plan

Our team is able to put together a cost-effective maintenance plan that will help increase the reliability of your equipment and overall efficiency over its lifetime.



We understand the importance of your time and so we can guarantee you we will be on time as per arrangement.


24/7 Phone Support

As a customer we have a 24/7 phone support service to make sure our customers have someone to talk to when their equipment stops working or is not working effectively.


Incentives for Repeat Business

We have a very competitive hourly rate and call out fee. We will discount your second invoice by 10% and a survey will be issued to ensure we can further accommodate you and to keep doing business together.

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